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Images, Info & Charts Credit: FIA/UKAEA  - The Global Fusion Industry in 2021/2022

Commercial Fusion

1.  Funding for Fusion Companies

2.  Companies by Location

3.  Investors in Fusion

4.  Target Markets for Global Fusion Companies

5.  Average Employees by Role & Gender

6.  Technical Approaches Taken for Fusion

7.  When will Fusion 1st Power the Grid

8.  When Will Fusion 1st Power Space Propulsion

9.  Fusion Companies Founded in the Last 30 years

10. Number of Fusion Companies in Existence by Year

CFS Reg5.png
Bob Mumgaard CEO, Provides the CFS Commercial Fusion Path & Timeframe to the NRC During His Presentation on Fusion Energy Regulation

Commercial Fusion

The new CFS "SPARC" net fusion energy & (HTS) superconducting magnet facility, provided his schedule for reaching the critical point of FUSION GAIN

Commercial Fusion


General Fusion Forges Ahead on its Unique Magnetized Target Fusion Technology with the Fabrication of an At-Scale Fusion Vessel Trial Ring

Construction of General Fusion’s demonstration machine, which is being built at the UK Atomic Energy Agency’s Culham Campus, advanced significantly with the fabrication of an at-scale fusion vessel trial ring by Sheffield Forgemasters.

Commercial Fusion

GA Logo.jfif

Announces Plans for Fusion Pilot Plant

Innovative concept leverages decades of expertise in

fusion research and development 

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Commercial Fusion

McKinsey & Co Provides an Excellent

"State of Fusion" in This Article

Miklós Dietz is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Vancouver office 

Bill Lacivita is a partner in the Atlanta office

Amélie Lefebvre is a consultant in the Montréal office, and

Geoff Olynyk is a senior expert in the Toronto office.

Edited by Andrew Simon, a senior editor in the Seattle office.

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