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DOE Award to Zap Energy

for Fusion Pilot Plant Design

Commercial Fusion

The DOE’s Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program aims to

‘help bring fusion toward technical and commercial viability.’

The award of $5 million in federal funding will contribute to the development of a pilot plant using Zap’s sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion technology.

Zap Energy Charts Roadmap for Measuring Fusion Gain

Fusion Gain and Triple Product for the Sheared-Flow-Stabilized Z Pinch

Triple product is useful when comparing different fusion concepts, such as looking at how sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch devices differ from more traditional fusion devices, such as the tokamak, or other fusion approaches, and can also be used as a simplified proxy for Q.

You can read the review the complete FUSION GAIN ROADMAP in this white paper HERE

For a complete overview you can read the PRESS RELEASE HERE

This may be the fastest most economical approach to commercial fusion

Read the complete article and watch additional video content


Metallized Ceramics

Feed Throughs & Windows

Fusion Energy Applications

Thermal - Electrical - Vacuum


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Materials & Engineering Design Assistance


Ceramic Metallization

Brazed Assemblies

Vacuum Feedthroughs

High Temp Circuit Boards




This week, a researcher at the Fusion Plasma Physics Department of the Hungarian Centre for Energy Research, Daniel Dunai, has unearthed in yet another trove of Leonardo's documents a sketch depicting what appears to be ... a tokamak.

ITER 2.png

The exploration of the now-digitized Leonardo Da Vinci notebooks continues to amaze the worldwide scientific community. A few weeks ago, engineers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) analyzed a series of drawings that clearly indicated that, two centuries before Newton, the Renaissance artist and polymath had devised experiments to investigate the nature of gravity.

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