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Advanced Energy

This Dime-Sized Battery Is a Step Toward an EV With a 1,000-Mile Range

Two Chicago-area institutions teamed up to develop a solid-state battery that packs a huge energy punch—one that could eventually even power airplanes.

Lithium-air battery cells photographed in the lab of Mohammad Asadi at the Illinois Institute of Technology. The cells, about the size of a button or a dime, are hooked up to battery analysis equipment. Credit: Illinois Institute of Technology


NuScale Power Places First Long Lead Material Production Order with Doosan Enerbility

Advanced Energy

“Finalizing and submitting this order to our valued partner, Doosan, showcases NuScale’s transition to the manufacturing phase of our modules and highlights our advanced position in the market to deploy our SMR technology to customers by the end of the decade,” said John Hopkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of NuScale.

Order includes key materials necessary for NuScale’s clean-energy technology, the NuScale Power Module™, and is a significant step toward commercialization ... for materials essential to commence manufacturing of the first NuScale Power Modules that are scheduled to be in commercial operation at the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems’ Carbon Free Power Project as early as 2029.


All images, data, opinion & credits are from the Battery Report

Advanced Energy


Annual Battery Report

As the most-read industry report, Volta’s Battery Report summarizes the most significant developments in the battery industry. Crowd-sourced from top industry and academia experts, this report seeks to provide a comprehensive and accessible overview of the latest battery research, policy and business landscape.


A one-third-scale model Of NuScale Power's 50-megawatt reactor is perched in a birdcage of steel girders in a nuclear test facility at Oregon State University

Advanced Energy

Regulators Sign Off on NuScale Small Modular Nuclear Reactor,

First to Get Approval

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified the design for what will be the United States’ first small modular nuclear reactor.

The rule that certifies the design was published Thursday in the Federal Register. It means that companies seeking to build and operate a nuclear power plant can pick the design for a 50-megawatt, advanced light-water small modular nuclear reactor by Oregon-based NuScale Power and apply to the NRC for a license.


Custom Feed Throughs & Penetrations

Complete Materials & Engineering Design Assistance



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