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January 2022

general fusion

In state-of-the-art stellarators, turbulence is a major cause of  degradation of plasma confinement. Published January 10th 2022 in The Journal Nature Physics' It is reported that the addition of boron powder grains decreased turbulence an substantially increased stored energy

Fredrico Nespoli PPPL - Full Report

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"Now, for the first time, fusion reactions occurring in the fuel provided most of the heating - so fusion is starting to dominate over the heating we did. This is a new regime called a burning plasma,"

-Alex Zylstra NIF Physicist        Read the reports at:

FENi Fusion Article 3
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Christofer Mowry the CEO of General Fusion discusses with Global BC News the outcome of their liquid metal compression tests and the effect it will have on the commercialization of Fusion Energy.    2 min video


A Fusion Reaction Has Generated More Energy Than Absorbed by The Fuel

A major milestone has been breached in the quest for fusion energy.For the first time, a fusion reaction has achieved a record 1.3 megajoule energy output – and for the first time, exceeding energy absorbed by the fuel used to trigger it.

Science Alert Michelle Star (3 min read)

FENi Fusion Article 2
  • Research Facility in Anhui, China ran at 70 milliondegrees celsius for more than 17 minutes.

  • The achievement "lays a solid scientific and experimental foundation towards the running of a fusion reactor" scientist in charge says


Reported By: Echo Xie

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This brief video provides all the evidence needed to see where we came from, where we are now and where we're going.


The Year in Review

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ITER provided a year in review

The images & descriptions are awesome

ITER - the way to new energy

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