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October 2021

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The real news here is that CN is reporting on Fusion Energy

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We live in a world today where news companies are actually making the news.  In this case CNBC has produced a rather nice fusion overview video to present to the general public.  If you're involved in fusion energy you will quickly realize the video isn't really news. As Fusion Energy News International (FENi) is dedicated to promoting the development & commercialization of the fusion energy industry, we are very grateful for CNBC and any other media entity that gives this rather remarkable and highly important technology a platform for moving forward.

Click here or the above image to watch this very informative CNBC video. It is especially good for all your fiends that don't have an understanding of fusion

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...the largest and most advanced stellarator in the world, is capable of confining heat that reaches temperatures twice as great as the core of the sun. John Greenwald PPPL(3 min read)

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Reports 10/18/2021

An image from Tokamak Energy’s fusion device, as a powerful beam is fired into superheated gas. Credit...Andrew Testa for The New York Times

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Long-shot money is flowing into start-ups that seek the energy of the stars.

Read the article by London Based New York Times Journalist Stanley Reed.  The article has interviews and insights to how well the United Kingdom and other countries are doing in their quest for commercializing FUSION ENERGY.

 (5 minute read)

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