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November 2021

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1st IAEA Webinar on

Pushing for Fusion Energy

What is happening now?

Time & Date: 17:00 CET, Monday 22 November 2021

Public & Private Sector Speakers - Fusion Energy Experts - Click on their picture for a full Bio

C. Anderson      A. Holland    T. Bestwick         M. Handley   D Clark          S.Hsu             T. Omae        S. Takeda     M. Windridge

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IAEA Contact:
Ms Sehila González de Vicente
Adgenda & Registration <click here>
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UK Fusion Materials Roadmap

Dr. Amanda Quadling 

Director of Materials, UKAEA

The UKAEA & the Henry Royce Institute has released their roadmap for fusion energy  materials & development.

The report also contains: Applications and supply chain information.


The company, which did not disclose its latest valuation, was valued at $2.6 billion after raising funds in May 2019....The fresh capital will mostly be deployed towards further fusion work and a new reactor scale facility... Reuters (2 min read)


Falls Church News Press

                            (3 min read) response to the subject of the challenges presented by global climate change, and he took some time to explain to the hundreds of constituents that were on the call. “Fusion is becoming feasible,”...once the technology is perfected to consistently generate the energy that can fire out of a nuclear fusion reaction, “replace all fossil fuels.”...


UK set to be first country to legislate for safe and efficient rollout of fusion energy

New green paper establishes government’s view on how to put in place the regulatory framework needed.

George Freeman 

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation

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(PA) for the supply of the Edge Thomson Scattering System includes not only the edge collection optics, but also the laser, polychromators and optical fibres for both TSSs....

Read the entire article

on the JT-60 Newsletter

(3 min read)

Molex Interconnect GmbH (Netherlands) and G.N.R. srl (Italy) win contracts

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Reports 10/18/2021

An image from Tokamak Energy’s fusion device, as a powerful beam is fired into superheated gas. Credit...Andrew Testa for The New York Times

NYT 10-18-21.jpg

Long-shot money is flowing into start-ups that seek the energy of the stars.

Read the article by London Based New York Times Journalist Stanley Reed.  The article has interviews and insights to how well the United Kingdom and other countries are doing in their quest for commercializing FUSION ENERGY.

 (5 minute read)

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