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Using magnetic containment, compression technology and liquid metal walls General Fusion's is building their novel approach demonstration plant at UKAEA Culham Fusion Centre near London.  They have also established a headquarters in the USA in Oak Ridge Tennessee connected with ORNL and another in Vancouver Canada. 

Watch the brief video.

December 2021


December 1st, 2021 CFS secured yet another $1.8 Billion to fund the commercialization of fusion energy.  Tiger Global Management leads a group that includes the likes of Bill Gates, Google. Also included are current investors such as Breakthrough Energy and Future Ventures.  You can also find the CFS path the fusion energy in the article

Common Wealth Fusion (3 min read)

U.S. Fusion Energy

The latest organization to join the effort to promote the development and commercialization can be followed at:

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Nuclear fusion and the race to save planet with gas hotter than the sun

Scientists and their rich backers are edging closer to what some say is a pipe dream.   

2 min read   Dominic O'Connell 


The UK dives deep into

Fusion Energy Investment


The 6th Suppliers Event that took place on the 8th of December can now be reviewed at:

6th Suppliers Event - 8th December 2021 - UKAEA Events


Here is where you will find the specific programs, projects and development along with budgets and specifications. FENi will continue to bring you the available info on the development and commercialization of FUSION ENERGY


Fusion, Power to the People

EXPO Open daily from 10h – 19h and will run from

Friday 8 October to Sunday 18 December.

Admission is free

Located at the historical Les Docks Village

10 Pl. de la Joliette, 13002, Marseille, France.

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Fusion Energy in the News
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The truly biggest story these days is where we are finding real news about Fusion Energy.

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All of these news outlets and many others have very recent (i.e. November '21) articles about fusion energy. They cover everything from business and investment to fusion technology and climate change. This is about as mainstream as it can get. There are many articles in our archives

The billions and billions of dollars being spent on fusion energy projects grows almost daily. As the general public learns more about fusion the push will be even greater.  The many thousands of Youtube videos and podcasts dedicated to fusion energy are also growing the technology interest.

All of this will drive the demand for bringing fusion energy to market.

CLEAN - GREEN - SAFE - AFFORDABLE - UNLIMITED          Power from Fusion Energy

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