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Commercial Fusion

The Group Includes LowCarbon Capital, Positron Ventures and Norrsken

Renaissance Fusion Is currently working toward manufacturing development of fusion reactor components. Focused on liquid metal inner chamber walls for insulation, neutron fluency and cost reductions in their stellarator fusion reactor. They are also working to build and incorporate their own high temperature superconducting magnets (HTS). The goal of the HTS is to provide the same performance in a smaller reactor. 

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Commercial Fusion

Tokamak Energy and Furukawa Electric Group Strengthen Relationship

to Progress Commercial Fusion Energy

HTS magnets are an essential enabler for the low cost, commercial operation and global deployment of spherical tokamak devices.

Tokamak Energy has signed an agreement with leading Japanese and United States companies to supply specialist high temperature superconducting (HTS) tape for its new advanced prototype fusion device, ST80-HTS.

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan and SuperPower Inc, New York, USA of Furukawa Electric Group, are expected to deliver more than several hundred kilometres of tape to the Oxford-based company for the next phase of construction.

HTS Spec.png

ST80-HTS will be the world’s first high field spherical tokamak using HTS magnets at scale and will utilise HTS tape developed and supplied by Furukawa Electric Group. This is a key stage in the path to Tokamak Energy’s fusion pilot plant which will demonstrate the capability to deliver clean electricity into the grid in the early 2030s, producing up to 200 MW of net electrical power.

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Commercial Fusion

General Fusion’s Fusion Energy Demonstration Receives Consent at UKAEA’s Culham Campus

South Oxfordshire District Council Planning Committee approves fusion energy project; construction to start this year

Following the resolution to grant planning permission by the South Oxfordshire District Council Planning Committee, construction of General Fusion’s demonstration at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s (UKAEA) Culham Campus is expected to start this summer.

When construction of the 10,500m2 building is complete, General Fusion will lease the building from UKAEA. The company’s fusion machine is expected to be commissioned in 2026 and fully operational by early 2027.

Built to 70 per cent scale of a commercial power plant, the demonstration will create fusion conditions in a power plant-relevant environment, achieving temperatures of over 100 million degrees Celsius. This is a crucial step on the path to eventually powering homes, businesses and industry with zero-carbon fusion energy. The facility itself will not generate power.

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Images, Info & Charts Credit: FIA/UKAEA  - The Global Fusion Industry in 2021/2022

Commercial Fusion

1.  Funding for Fusion Companies

2.  Companies by Location

3.  Investors in Fusion

4.  Target Markets for Global Fusion Companies

5.  Average Employees by Role & Gender

6.  Technical Approaches Taken for Fusion

7.  When will Fusion 1st Power the Grid

8.  When Will Fusion 1st Power Space Propulsion

9.  Fusion Companies Founded in the Last 30 years

10. Number of Fusion Companies in Existence by Year



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This Q & A with General Fusion (GF) provides considerable detail for their timeline to fusion power. Unlike other planned fusion demonstrations, GF's uses an approach to fusion that translates to a commercial plant without requiring additional scientific or materials breakthroughs

A Top Contender for First to Fusion

Q & A with General Fusion


Commercial Fusion




You’ve committed to an ambitious set of milestones with plans to break ground in the UK in 2023 and to have an operating facility by 2027. Are these plans realistic given the first-of-a-kind technology that you committed to for your design?

We’ve already proven our core technologies with large test beds and prototypes in our labs. The performance of these large-scale prototypes, combined with advanced modelling and simulation, give us confidence in the expected performance of our fusion demonstration and our timeline, which includes commissioning the integrated fusion machine by the end of 2026 and achieving expected performance in 2027.

FENi has verified this report as being true and correct by:        Matt Miles, Vice President of Business Development and International Government Relations at General Fusion

CFS Reg5.png
Bob Mumgaard CEO, Provides the CFS Commercial Fusion Path & Timeframe to the NRC During His Presentation on Fusion Energy Regulation

Commercial Fusion

The new CFS "SPARC" net fusion energy & (HTS) superconducting magnet facility, provided his schedule for reaching the critical point of FUSION GAIN

Commercial Fusion


General Fusion Forges Ahead on its Unique Magnetized Target Fusion Technology with the Fabrication of an At-Scale Fusion Vessel Trial Ring

Construction of General Fusion’s demonstration machine, which is being built at the UK Atomic Energy Agency’s Culham Campus, advanced significantly with the fabrication of an at-scale fusion vessel trial ring by Sheffield Forgemasters.

Commercial Fusion

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Announces Plans for Fusion Pilot Plant

Innovative concept leverages decades of expertise in

fusion research and development 

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Commercial Fusion

McKinsey & Co Provides an Excellent

"State of Fusion" in This Article

Miklós Dietz is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Vancouver office 

Bill Lacivita is a partner in the Atlanta office

Amélie Lefebvre is a consultant in the Montréal office, and

Geoff Olynyk is a senior expert in the Toronto office.

Edited by Andrew Simon, a senior editor in the Seattle office.

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