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First Light Fusion to partner with UKAEA for new demonstration facility

The UK Atomic Energy Authority and First Light Fusion have signed an agreement for the design and construction of a new purpose-built facility to house First Light’s "Machine-4" at UKAEA’s Culham Campus in Oxfordshire.


Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Abingdon UK


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  • UKAEA and First Light Fusion to construct a new facility to house First Light’s new net energy gain demonstrator (“Machine 4”) in Oxford, UK

  • The agreement will see both parties developing the building at Culham Campus

  • Architects and technical designers have been appointed, construction expected to begin in 2024

  • Machine 4’s unique approach to inertial confinement fusion is its next milestone towards commercial fusion power development

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DIII-D Research Program

The Department of Energy (DOE)

Office of Science (SC)

Fusion Energy Science (FES)


Providing $10 Million in Tokamak Reasearch Grant Funding at the DIII-D Facility

The (FOA) Number: DE-FOA -0002904 allows for the use of the DIII-D Tokamak and related facility technologies for the development of novel tokamak experiments that will further the greater development into commercial fusion applications.

Get Funding to Run Your Tokamak Experiments in a Government Funded Facility

Further Assistence Email:

Max funding per experiment is $2.5M. The DOE expects to fund approximately six (6) experiments with this grant. Government labs and agencies are not eligible. This is designed to assist developing research for small entities. Application Deadline Feb 15th, 2023 (5PM ET)


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Meet the New Program Director:

Q & A with Dr. Laurent Pilon

Dr. Laurent Pilon comes to ARPA-E from the University of California, Los Angeles where he is a professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. His area of research focused on the nexus of interfacial and transport phenomena, radiative heat transfer, and material science for the development of sustainable energy conversion, storage, and efficiency technologies.

U.S, DOE Video

Fusion Develpment

U.S. Department of Energy Announces Historic Achievement of

LLNL - National Ignition Facility

Creates Fusion Energy Using

Less Energy than Applied



UKAEA Announces: 

West Burton Selected as Home of

STEP Fusion Plant.

Government-backed programme aims to prove low carbon electricity from fusion

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White House Electrification Summit

explores how electrification can help the United States meet its climate and equity goals.

This Article will be Updated with further Details From the Summit

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Biden Harris Administration Makes Historic Investment in America's National Labs, Announces Net-Zero Game Changer Initiative Fusion Energy
Considered a Game Changer

Fusion in Top 5 to Launch Net-Zero Initiative
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