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Fusion Energy News 2023

Fusion Power News


Zap Energy achieves 37-million-degree temperatures in a compact device

Commercial Fusion

New publication reports record electron temperatures for a small-scale, sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion device.
6614650475cc33e0b8ee25ba_20220907_Zap Energy Z Pinch Capture-1800.jpg

A bright flash of light from a FuZE (Fusion Z-pinch Experiment) plasma.

new research paper, published this month in Physical Review Letters, details measurements made on Zap Energy’s Fusion Z-pinch Experiment (FuZE) of 1-3 keV plasma electron temperatures — roughly the equivalent of 11 to 37 million degrees Celsius (20 to 66 million degrees Fahrenheit).

In the nine decades since humans first produced fusion reactions, only a few fusion technologies have demonstrated the ability to make a thermal fusion plasma with electron temperatures hotter than 10 million degrees Celsius, roughly the temperature of the core of the sun. Zap Energy’s unique approach, known as a sheared-flow-stabilized Z pinch, has now joined those rarefied ranks, far exceeding this plasma temperature milestone in a device that is a fraction of the scale of its competitors.

General Fusion Confirms Liquid Wall Compression Technology for Commercial Magnetized Target Fusion in New Scientific Publication

Commercial Fusion

RICHMOND, Canada (January 11, 2024): General Fusion has published new, peer-reviewed scientific results that validate the company has achieved the smooth, rapid, and symmetric compression of a liquid cavity that is key to the design of a commercial Magnetized Target Fusion power plant. The results, published in one of the foremost scientific journals in fusion, Fusion Engineering and Design, validate the performance of General Fusion’s proprietary liquid compression technology for Magnetized Target Fusion and are scalable to a commercial machine.

Proposed Production Design Animation


Peer reviewed test apparatus

Peer Reviewed White Paper

Shape manipulation of a rotating liquid liner imploded by arrays of pneumatic pistons: Experimental and numerical study.

Environmental & Biological Hazard
Toxic "Forever Chemicals"
Are You Aware of PFAS?   If Not, You Should Be


PFAS is used in manufacturing many of today’s consumer products.

It is in everything from carpet and clothing to cookware and food packaging.

In other words, it’s everywhere!

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Land Application Sludge.jpg



About Landfills EBC Webinar 1.png
NUCOR & HELION to Develop
500 MW Fusion Power Plant
Nucor Makes $35 million Investment in Helion
Today, Sept 27th 2023, Nucor North Americas largest recycler of steel and steel products, and Helion Energy, a fusion energy company, announced a collaboration with fusion power company, Helion to develop a 500 MW fusion power plant. This transformational project will offer baseload zero-carbon electricity from fusion directly to a Nucor steelmaking facility. Nucor and Helion are working together to set a firm timeline and are committed to beginning operations as soon as possible with a target of 2030. Nucor is making a direct investment of $35 million in Helion to accelerate fusion deployment in the United States. This is the first fusion energy agreement of this scale in the world and will pave the way for decarbonizing the entire industrial sector.

Commercial Fusion

nucor image 1.png
nucor logo 2.png
Helion Image Nucor.png
HELION LOGO 1-7-23_edited.jpg

Read the complete Press Release

eurofusion logo.png

Commercial Fusion

EUROfusion is pleased to announce the selection of Professor Ambrogio Fasoli as the new EUROfusion Programme Manager Elect by the EUROfusion General Assembly at their quarterly meeting on 18 July following a rigorous selection process.

Zap Energy Charts Roadmap for Measuring Fusion Gain

Fusion Gain and Triple Product for the Sheared-Flow-Stabilized Z Pinch

Triple product is useful when comparing different fusion concepts, such as looking at how sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch devices differ from more traditional fusion devices, such as the tokamak, or other fusion approaches, and can also be used as a simplified proxy for Q.

You can read the review the complete FUSION GAIN ROADMAP in this white paper HERE

For a complete overview you can read the PRESS RELEASE HERE

What Will the Future of Energy Look Like?

Commercial Fusion

Power plant 1.jpg
Power plant 2.jpg
Power plant 3.jpg

First Look at Tokamak Energy's Fusion Power Plant

Tokamak Energy has today released the first images of its commercial fusion power plant, which will generate enough electricity to power 50,000 homes in the 2030s. 



Janet Gyenes delivers a business article that tells

a personal story of

growth and commitment,

family and discovery.

Commercial Fusion


nrc crest.jpg

NRC to Regulate Fusion Energy Systems

Based on Existing Nuclear Materials Licensing

10 C.F.R. Part 30 is Accepted

Today, Friday, April 14th, 2023, The Commission has approved the staff’s -SECY-23-0001- Option 2 to license and regulate fusion energy systems under the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s byproduct material framework contained in 10 C.F.R. Part 30, “Rules of General Applicability to Domestic Licensing of Byproduct Material,” and associated regulations. 


NRC Chair Christopher T. Hanson- “Dozens of companies are developing pilot-scale commercial fusion designs, and while the technology’s precise future in the United States is uncertain, the agency should provide as much regulatory certainty as possible given what we know today. Licensing near-term fusion energy systems under a byproduct material framework will protect public health and safety with a technology-neutral, scalable regulatory approach.”

nrc logo.jpg
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Fusion Is About To Become A Must-Have Investment, DOE Official Says

“As the technology continues to mature, there will be a point where private investors feel that they must be invested in fusion, and I feel like we’re starting to reach that inflection point,” Scott Hsu said Thursday in a webinar hosted by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

funding chart.png

Private funding moves past public investment in 2021 with over 20 companies pushing to bring fusion energy to the power grid in the early 2030s

Fusion Development

DOE Award to Zap Energy

for Fusion Pilot Plant Design

Commercial Fusion

The DOE’s Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program aims to

‘help bring fusion toward technical and commercial viability.’

The award of $5 million in federal funding will contribute to the development of a pilot plant using Zap’s sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion technology.

Sheared-Flow-Stabilized Z-Pinch, Simplifying Fusion Energy

A Bold New Look at a Long-Standing Technology

Q & A with Ryan Umstaddt

Vice President of Product

Zap Energy

Also in the article:

Video Address from Scott Hsu, Senior Biden Administration Advisor on Fusion Energy about Z-Pinch fusion Energy

Zap Energy, near Seattle, Washington has further developed and improved the long-standing Z-Pinch fusion energy technology with shear-flow-stabilizing.

This may be the fastest most economical approach to commercial fusion

Read the complete article and watch additional video content


Advanced Energy

This Dime-Sized Battery Is a Step Toward an EV With a 1,000-Mile Range

Two Chicago-area institutions teamed up to develop a solid-state battery that packs a huge energy punch—one that could eventually even power airplanes.

Lithium-air battery cells photographed in the lab of Mohammad Asadi at the Illinois Institute of Technology. The cells, about the size of a button or a dime, are hooked up to battery analysis equipment. Credit: Illinois Institute of Technology

Breakthrough Energy Logo.png
tdk-ventures logo.png
RGB_doral logo.png

Lead $29 Million in First Financing

Type One Energy Group

Appoints Christofer Mowry as CEO

March 28, 2023 (MADISON, Wisconsin) — Type One Energy announced today the close of an over-subscribed $29 million financing round. This effort launches the company’s ambitious, partner-rich and capital-efficient FusionDirect program to commercialize its stellarator fusion technology.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), TDK Ventures and Doral Energy Tech Ventures co-led the round with additional cleantech investment from Darco, the Grantham Foundation, MILFAM, Orbia Ventures, Shorewind Capital, TRIREC, VAHOCA and others.


Commercial Fusion

Become a Supplier Partner to the Fusion Energy Industry

On March 28, 2023 at 11am Eastern Standard Time, please join us for an informational webinar. During this webinar, you’ll learn about the challenge directly from representatives of UK Atomic Energy Authority, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, and TechConnect. Additionally, those representatives will answer your questions during a live Q&A session.        REGISTER HERE


NuScale Power Places First Long Lead Material Production Order with Doosan Enerbility

Advanced Energy

“Finalizing and submitting this order to our valued partner, Doosan, showcases NuScale’s transition to the manufacturing phase of our modules and highlights our advanced position in the market to deploy our SMR technology to customers by the end of the decade,” said John Hopkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of NuScale.

Order includes key materials necessary for NuScale’s clean-energy technology, the NuScale Power Module™, and is a significant step toward commercialization ... for materials essential to commence manufacturing of the first NuScale Power Modules that are scheduled to be in commercial operation at the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems’ Carbon Free Power Project as early as 2029.

cfs eni 3-9-23.jfif

Bob Mumgaard of CFS

Claudio Descalzi of Eni

Commonwealth Fusion Systems and Eni Sign Strategic Framework Agreement

Devens, MA – March 9, 2023 — Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) and Eni today signed a strategic framework agreement to advance the commercialization of fusion energy. This new multi-year collaboration establishes the terms under which a series of work projects now under development could include joint research, development, and deployment opportunities in the advancement of fusion energy and related technologies. This builds on the long-term cooperation between Eni and CFS which started with their early and significant investments in the company.

Commercial Fusion



images (5).webp

Custom Feed Throughs & Penetrations

Complete Materials & Engineering Design Assistance

High Vacuum - High Voltage - High Temperature   



Ceramic Metallization - Brazed Assemblies - Vacuum Feedthroughs - High Temp Circuit Boards

first-measurements-of Boron.jpg

Fusion Development

First Measurements of Hydrogen-Boron Fusion in a Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasma

As fusion developers around the world race to commercialize fusion energy, TAE Technologies has pioneered the pursuit of the cleanest and most economical path to providing electricity with hydrogen-boron (also known as p-B11 or p11B), an abundant, environmentally sound fuel. Today the company is announcing, in collaboration with Japan's National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), a noteworthy research advancement: the first-ever hydrogen-boron fusion experiments in a magnetically confined fusion plasma.

st40 tokamak 2.jfif

Achievement of Ion Temperatures in Excess of 100 million Degrees Kelvin in the

Compact High-Field Spherical Tokamak ST40

ST40 Compact High-Field Spherical Tokamak

iaea fusion.png

Fusion Development

Peer Reviewed - Open Access - Accepted Manuscript - FREE Download

Ion temperatures of over 100 million degrees Kelvin (8.6keV) have been produced in the ST40 compact high-field spherical tokamak (ST). Ion temperatures in excess of 5keV have not previously been reached in any ST and have only been obtained in much larger devices with substantially more plasma heating power. The corresponding fusion triple product is calculated to be ni0Ti0τE≈6±2×1018m-3keVs. These results demonstrate for the first time that ion temperatures relevant for commercial magnetic confinement fusion can be obtained in a compact high-field spherical tokamak and bode well for fusion power plants based on the high-field ST.


Warrick joins the company from Rolls-Royce where he enjoyed a 24-year career holding several leadership positions, most recently as Chief Procurement Officer for the Civil Aerospace division.

Tokamak Energy appoints Rolls-Royce leader Warrick Matthews as Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer

Commercial Fusion

Warrick will lead Tokamak Energy’s business towards its goal of demonstrating grid-ready fusion power by the early 2030s. His experience in global industrial partnerships and supply chain development will be invaluable in executing Tokamak Energy’s ambitious growth strategy.

Fusion Is About To Become A Must-Have Investment, DOE Official Says

“As the technology continues to mature, there will be a point where private investors feel that they must be invested in fusion, and I feel like we’re starting to reach that inflection point,” Scott Hsu said Thursday in a webinar hosted by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

funding chart.png

Private funding moves past public investment in 2021 with over 20 companies pushing to bring fusion energy to the power grid in the early 2030s

Fusion Development

funding carbon.jfif

February 16th, 2023

Climate Action

U.S. Department of Energy Announces

$45 Million to Validate Marine

Carbon Dioxide Removal Techniques

ARPA-e Program:

Sensing Exports of Anthropogenic Carbon

through Ocean Observation (SEA-CO2)

SEA CO2 projects will provide the tools to create data-driven, model-based marine carbon accounting frameworks by developing:

  • Sensor technologies that can operate at greater spatial and temporal scales.

  • Regional-scale ocean carbon transport and storage models 

For 13-years, The Energy Innovation Summit has offered a unique, three-day program aimed at moving transformational energy technologies out of the lab and into the market.


Summit Logo 2.png

Over the next weeks FENi will highlight the dozens of fusion energy related participants and their projects that will be presented at "The Summit"

Technologies We Will Detail Include:

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Plasma Facing Materials

  • HTS Magnetics

  • Shear Flow Stabilized Z-Pinch

  • Fusion Power to the Grid

This week our first topic in this

Energy Innovation Summit - Primer will be TRITIUM.


Breeding, Handling, Managing, Mitigating & Simulating



  • Savannah River National Laboratory (SNRL) - Booth #630

    • Direct Lithium Tritide (LiT) Electroysis – to reduce the complexity and footprint of tritium extraction from breeding-blanket materials

    • Tritium Handling Vaccuum Pump - demonstrates a hydrocarbon pump oil-recycling loop process that can selectively remove heavier hydrogen isotopes

  • NK Labs – Booth #614

    • Conditions for muon catalyzed fusion – techniques from the field of high-pressure physics, will simultaneously heat, pressurize, and bombard a fusion (D-T) fuel with muons,

  • Colorado School of Mines – Booth #646

    • Interfacial-Engineered Membranes for Efficient Tritium Extraction - demonstrate engineered composite membranes for efficient tritium extraction from breeder media and the vessel exhaust

  • PPPL & Woodruff Scientific – Booth #622

    • Develops fusion plant cost analysis programs for technology-to-market and identifies costliest aspects of various concept models.

  • ARPA-e  - Booth #616

    • Capabilities in theory, modeling, and validation for a range of innovative fusion concepts using high-fidelity moment-kinetic models - addresses how plasma dynamics in the fusion plasma will couple with both liquid-metal and electrode-material dynamics for fusion energy

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) - Booth #638

    • Fusion Energy Reactor Models Integrator (FERMI) - simulates the first wall and blanket for power extraction and tritium breeding

  • University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - Booth #626

    • Renewable low-Z wall for fusion reactors with built-in tritium recovery - a low-atomic-number renewable wall for fusion devices - concept allows large heat flow handling and recovery away from the plasma and wall

nk LABS.png
PPPL W.png
oak ridge.png

MARCH 22nd through MARCH 24th, 2023 Washington D.C.


ARPA-e & U.S. Department of Energy
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PODCAST - The GAO review of the status of Fusion Energy - March 30th, 2023

state of climate action.png

CO2 in 400,000 Years

of Ice Core Records

FIA Report 2022 B.png
Biden-Harris Administration Announces
Net-Zero Game Changer Initiative

Fusion Energy Considered a Game Changer

Fusion in Top 5 to Launch Net-Zero Initiative


Now Six (6) Companies Have Publicly Stated That They Will Able to Provide Power to the Grid in the Early 2030s or Sooner

Zap Energy Joins the Race 3-8-23

FENi General Fusion logo
helion logo.jpg
tae logo.png
tokamak Energy Logo.png

Founded - 2017

Founded - 2002

Founded - 2018

Founded - 2013

Founded - 1998

Founded - 2009





Laser Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF)

Nuclear Fusion Lab Achieves ‘Ignition’: What Does It Mean?

Fusion researchers at the U.S. National Ignition Facility created a reaction that made more energy than they put in.

By Jeff TollefsonElizabeth GibneyNature

(Read full article at Scientific American)

eurofusion logo.png

JET Facility, Culham  UK


Magnetic Confinement Fusion

JET - Joint Experimental Tokamak Sets Record for sustained fusion energy Eurofusion is the EU consortium the runs the JET experiment (at the UKAEA Culham Fusion Centre that is the prototype guiding the development of the ITER project.   

(Details at EUROfusion Here)



General_Fusion logo1.png
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Fusion Energy Research Links
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ITER 2.png
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USBPO Logo.png

Commercial Fusion

Devens MA, Feb 10, 2023 Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) officially opened its new campus to support the development and deployment of commercial fusion energy.

Official Opening.jfif

The ceremonial event today included visits from U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator Edward Markey, U.S. Representative Lori Trahan, Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, along with a host of state and local leaders.

Phase 1 development of the new campus, which broke ground 18 months ago, includes:

SPARC facility: SPARC is a compact tokamak fusion device that will produce fusion power at a level needed to design commercially viable power plants. SPARC is based on the previously demonstrated HTS technology and builds on decades of proven tokamak science. SPARC is predicted through peer reviewed papers and based on the same assumptions in large international projects to produce over 100 MW of fusion power at fusion gains of Q>10. The facility, under active construction, will be operational in 2025 and achieve net energy soon thereafter, demonstrating that the fusion plasmas can form the basis of a power source and pave the way for the first fusion power plant, ARC, that is expected to start feeding energy into the grid in the early 2030s.


Tokamak Energy’s compact spherical tokamak, ST80-HTS, will demonstrate multiple technologies required for the delivery of clean, sustainable fusion energy.

Commercial Fusion

Tokamak Energy's ST80-HTS, spherical tokamak design.

More information at:


Chris Kelsall, Tokamak Energy CEO, said: “Today’s exciting announcement is a major step forward on our mission to demonstrate grid-ready fusion energy by the early 2030s. Our next device, ST80-HTS, aims to validate key engineering solutions needed to make commercial fusion a reality and will showcase our world-class magnet technology at scale. It’s clear public and private partnerships of this nature will be a crucial catalyst for fusion to deliver global energy security and mitigate climate change.”


Commercial Fusion

Further Acquisitions Position TAE Power Solutions in the Advanced Energy Storge & Power Distribution Markets 

CEO Kedar Munipella & CCO Ben Russell

TAE Technologies spins off TAE Power Solutions appointing Kedar Munipella from Applied Materials. TAE Power Solutions has also acquired Sprint Power, specializing in transport electrification in Europe focusing on systems integration and high voltage driveline. TAE Power Solutions also acquired Eltrium who are designing and producing energy storage systems, power distribution and electronic assemblies. The spinoff and acquisitions provide entry into the APC18 Celeritas program for advanced battery systems with BMW and other project partners.


The launch of TAE Power Solutions is the latest in a list of significant milestones for TAE Technologies. In 2022, the company announced it had exceeded its fusion reactor performance goals and had closed a $250 million financing round from investors Google, Chevron, and Sumitomo Corporation, among others, bringing its total raised to date to $1.2 billion.


Commercial Fusion

The Group Includes LowCarbon Capital, Positron Ventures and Norrsken

Renaissance Fusion Is currently working toward manufacturing development of fusion reactor components. Focused on liquid metal inner chamber walls for insulation, neutron fluency and cost reductions in their stellarator fusion reactor. They are also working to build and incorporate their own high temperature superconducting magnets (HTS). The goal of the HTS is to provide the same performance in a smaller reactor. 

Tony Donne, EUROfusion

Programme Manager (CEO)

TEDx Presentation

Fusion Development

Why Should We Make

a Star on Earth?

Tony Donné tells us both the reasons and the obstacles to succeed in this venture, and illustrates how all this has to do with an energy future of the 

planet closer than we imagine. Dutch physicist of international renown, for over 20 years, he has been a reference point in the field of nuclear physics. Since 2014 he is CEO of EUROfusion, a consortium that coordinates research in the field of fusion science and technology in 29 European countries. 

eurofusion logo.png


Small Logos Careers Image.png
helicity space.png

Contact FENi to have your company's careers presented here:

Many remote positions are available throughout the listings

General_Fusion logo1.png

Burnaby & Richmond, B.C. Canada


Fusion Energy News

Devens, MA - Milpitas CA USA

tokamak Energy Logo.png

Abingdon, Milton England UK

tae logo.png

Foothill Ranch, CA USA

HELION LOGO 1-7-23.jpg

Everett, WA USA

zap logo.png

Everett, WA USA

first light fusion logo.png

Yarnton, Oxfordshire UK

princeton satellite.png

Yarnton, Oxfordshire UK

GA Logo.jfif

San Diego, CA USA


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Fusion Energy News 2023

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