Fusion Energy Funded USA Universities

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Department of Physics - Auburn Fusion Lab

Bellan Plasma Group - Experimental & Theoretical Physics

Plasma Laboratory - (HBT-EB Tokomak)

Laboratory of Plasma Studies

Department of Physics and Astronomy Dartmouth

Fusion Research Center

Plasma Science & Fusion Center (SPARC) and (CFS) 

Precision Metalization for
Technical Ceramics
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High Voltage - High Vacuum

High Temperature

High Quality Components

Assemblies & Coatiings

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Plasma Physics Laboratory - (PPPL)

Magnetic - Inertial - Nuclear Fusion

Swathmore Spheromak Experiment

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Plasma Science & Technology Institute

Center for Energy Research (PICSES) (ARIES) & Advanced Energy Technolgy Group

The Center for Integrated Plasma Studies

Fusion Studies Laboratory

Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics

Plasma - Pulsed Power & Microwave Laboratories

Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Institute for Fusion Studies

Plasma Physics Group

Plasma Science and Innovation Center

Department of Plasma Physics

Fusion and Plasma Research

Michigan Institute of Plasma Sciences & Engineering